Installing Windows Server 2008

Windows server 2008 has a new feature called as ‘Server core installation’ & ‘Full Installation’. The ‘Server core installation’ is a command based version of Windows Server 2008 whereas, the ‘Full installation’ is a Graphical based installation in Server 2008.

The different Editions in Windows server 2008 are:

  1. Standard Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition
  3. Data centre Edition
  4. Web server Edition

Steps to install Windows Server 2008:

  1. Insert the ‘Windows Server 2008’ bootable DVD into the DVD rom. Restart your computer and press any key when the ‘Boot from CD/DVD’ option appears.
  2. The installation screen in the beginning will show you the following options:
    1. Language to Install
    2. Time and currency format
    3. Keyboard or input method
    4. Select the appropriate Language, Time and currency and Keyboard input method.
    5. Click ‘Next’ – ‘Install now’.
    6. You will be prompted to enter the product key. Enter the right ‘Product key’ and click on ‘Next’.
    7. The ‘License agreement’ window will be displayed, select ‘Accept the license and agreement’ checkbox and click ‘Next’.
    8. Select the ‘Custom’ option if you are performing a new installation. Click ‘Next’; select the partition space (at least 25000 MB).
    9. Select the desired partition and ‘Install’.
    10. The installation begins and the system will restart once or twice and the installation will complete after a while.
    11. The Windows login screen will ask you to type a new Administrator password. Once you type the password you can start working on the Windows Server 2008.

Server Roles in Windows Server 2008:

  1. Active Directory Certificate Services
  2. Active Directory Domain Services
  3. Active Directory Federation Services
  4. Active Directory Rights Management Services
  5. Application Server
  6. DHCP Server
  7. DNS Server
  8. Fax Server
  9. File Services
  10. Network Policy and Access Services
  11. Print Services
  12. Terminal Services
  13. UDDI services
  14. Web server (IIS)
  15. Windows Deployment services
  16. Windows SharePoint Services

Features of Windows Server 2008

  1. .NET framework 3.0 features
  2. Bit locker Drive Encryption
  3. BITS Server Enterprises
  4. Connection Manager Administrator Kit
  5. Desktop Experience
  6. Group Policy Management Installed
  7. Internet Printing Client
  8. Internet Storage Name Server
  9. LPR Port Monitor
  10. Message Queuing  (Installed)
  11. Multipath I/O
  12. Network Load Balancing
  13. Peer Name Resolution Protocol
  14. Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
  15. Remote Assistance
  16. Remote Differential Compression
  17. Remote Server Administration tools
  18. Removable Storage Manager
  19. RPC over HTTP Proxy
  20. Simple TCP/IP Services

These are the few features of Windows Server 2008.

Windows Activation

Volume Activation is use to manage the licensing process for operating system software like Windows Vista and Server 2008. It eliminates the need to manually enter a product key when the Operating System is installed, and it allows you to protect and manage Volume License keys throughout an organization. There are two types of Keys in Windows Server 2008.

  1. Multiple Activation Key (MAK): A Multiple Activation Key is used for a one-time activation with Microsoft’s hosted activation service. It can be activated via the internet, over the phone, or by using the ‘Volume Activation Management Tool’ (VAMT).
  2. Key Management Service (KMS): A Key Management Service (KMS) license key allows you to host an activation service locally within your own network. Rather than contacting the Microsoft hosted activation service each time KMs allows you to contact the Ms Activation service one time to activate your KMS host, after which all activation traffic is managed locally. Minimum number of physical computers required to allow you to use a KMS key is 25 Vista computers and 5 Windows Server 2008. Internet host has to activate after every 7 days with KMS host and will require connecting at least once every 180 days to maintain its license.